Welcome to East Bay Fencers Gym

Fencing teaches problem solving, tactical thinking, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and creativity. Sometimes referred to as “physical chess,” it challenges and develops the mind and body in a single workout.

The East Bay Fencers Gym (EBFG) is dedicated to the art and sport of fencing. We focus on both technical skill and physical fitness. We offer advanced physical conditioning before every class to help strengthen and develop the whole body as well as footwork and bladework designed to embody fencing tactics and hone the muscles used in fencing.

We have instruction in foil and epee, ranging from beginning classes to individualized sessions designed for world-class athletes.The gym’s dedicated space, 1429 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, in Oakland’s thriving downtown district is equipped with seven electric strips plus two additional practice strips for bouting, classes, and lessons.