Tepedelenlioglu Wins. Vets Shine at December NAC

2017 December North American Cup (NAC) (DIV 1, DIV 2, Vet)

EBFG Veteran fencers had a great showing at this year’s NAC in Portland Oregon. Vet 40 Epee had two EBFG fencers on the podium. Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu defeated his EBFG teammate, Keith Lichten–and current National Champion, in the finals, giving EBFG a 1-2 finish.  In the Vet 60 event, Gerry Downey took the podium in 3rd place.

In total, 5 EBFG Vet fencers finished in the round of 32. Great job to all fencers who competed!

  • Men’s Vet 40 Epee, Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu, 1st place
  • Men’s Vet 40 Epee, Keith Lichten, 2nd place
  • Men’s Vet 60 Epee, Gerry Downey, 3rd place
  • Men’s Vet 60 Epee, Solomon Weingarten, 18th
  • Men’s Vet 60 Epee, Mark Wheeler, 22nd
  • Men’s Vet Open Epee, Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu, 2nd place
  • Men’s Vet Open Epee, Gerry Downey, 12th


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