2011 USA Fencing National Championships Results

Thanks to all EBFG fencer’s for their hard work at the the 2011 USA Fencing National Championships which took place in Reno, Nevada this July. EBFG fencers fought hard in several events to end this outstanding and win filled season to a great close! Below are the results for EBFG fencers by event:

Team Senior Men’s Épée
East Bay Fencers Junior Team – 21st
Andrew Brewer, Elani Ferri, Kyle Yamasaki, Thibault Philippine

Team U-19 Men’s Épée
East Bay Fencers Junior Team – 21st
Andrew Brewer, Elani Ferri, Matthias Philippine, Thibault Philippine

Team Veteran Men’s Épée
East Bay Curs – 8th
Philip Gerring, Jonathon Jefferies, John McGrew

DIV1A Men’s Épée
Elani Ferri – 61st
Kyle Yamasaki – 64th
Mike Slater – 68th
Andrew Brewer – 107th

DIV2 Men’s Épée
Elani Ferri – 19th
Brandon Li – 26th
Matthias Philippine – 28th

DIV3 Men’s Épée
Patrick Wang – 40th
Brandon Li – 87th

U16 Men’s Épée
Thibault Philippine – 24th
Matthias Philippine – 51st

Y14 Men’s Épée
Matthias Philippine – 5th
Thibault Philippine – 29th
Julien Sat-Vollhardt – 43rd

Junior Men’s Épée
Thibault Philippine – 96th
Andrew Brewer – 98th
Matthias Philippine – 173rd

VET40 Men’s Épée
Steven Fialkowski – 23rd
Andrew Davis – 28th

VET50 Men’s Épée
Philip Gerring – 17th

VET60 Men’s Épée
Solomon Weingarten – 6th
Jonathan Jefferies – 11th
John McGrew – 14th
Barry Leonardini – 24th

DIV1A Women’s Épée
Susan Jefferies – 72nd

Thanks again for all your dedication and efforts this season. Here’s to an even better one next year!

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