Summer Nationals 2017

East Bay Fencers Gym had a great showing at this year’s summer nationals in Salt Lake City, including Keith Lichten who became the 2017 National Champion in Vet 40 Men’s Epee! But Keith was not the only  East Bay Fencer with visit to the podium, Kristin Lynch who finished 7th in Vet-40 Women’s Epee and Solomon Weingarten who finished 5th in Vet-60 Men’s Epee. Congratulations to all EBFG fencers who trained hard for this year’s nationals. What a great ending to an incredible 2016-17 season.

(see top finishers and a list of all EBFG fencers who participated below images)

Men's Vet 40 Champ Keith Lichten and Maestro Habek

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Top Results

Div 1 Men’s Epee
24. Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu

Div 1-A Men’s Epee

17. Kyle Yamasaki

27. Ziad Kayat

Div 1-A Women’s Epee

13. Chloe Beittel

32. Lauren Rath

Div III Men’s Epee
16. Josh Chon

26. Andres Tepedelenlioglu

Div III Women’s Epee

19. Jalene Wong

Vet 40 Men’s Epee
1. Keith Lichten

23. Alex Rood

Vet 60 Men’s Epee
5. Solomon Weingarten

Vet 70 Men’s Epee
9. John McGrew

Y-12 Men’s Epee
10. Ummi Green

Contgratulations to all our fencers who qualified and participated:

Men’s Epee

  • Ziad Kayat
  • Keith Lichten
  • Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu
  • Kyle Yamasaki
  • John McGrew
  • Jerry Downey
  • David Beittel
  • Mark Wheeler
  • Andres Tepedelenlioglu
  • Solomon Weingarden
  • Barry Leonardini
  • Josh Chon
  • Joel Kaufman
  • Jeff Altman
  • Sam Rao
  • Alex Rood

Women’s Epee (includes Junior and Cadet)

  • Chloe Beittel
  • Natalie Hoge
  • Lindsay Kornguth
  • Lauren Rath
  • Kristin Lynch
  • Jalene Wong
  • Eugenia Bedford-Panori

Youth Epee

  • Josh Chon
  • Rowan Cooper
  • Espen Fyrst
  • Ummi Green
  • Jabreel Green
  • Kate Stenger
  • Natalie Hoge


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