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Bay Cup CHXE3 Results

Congratulations to EBFG fencer Keith Lichten for taking gold at the Senior C and Higher Mixed Épée event at GGFC this weekend. Keith beat Sean Ameli 15-8 in the final. EBFG fencer Orestis Herodotou took 5th place, and Paul Chandler finished 8th. Click here to view the full results on askFRED.net

Bay Cup WE2, JWE2, Y12XE2, Y14WE2, Y14ME2 Results

The Bay Cup returned to EBFG this weekend for a full day of fencing in Oakland! EBFG Fencer Kasia Trzopek took gold in the Senior Women’s Épée event, dominating the final bout 15-6 against GGFC’s Katherine Fulghum. Kasia also earned her A11! Congrats Kasia and great fencing! In the Youth 12 Mixed Épée, EBFG fencerContinue Reading

Dominic Chiao Épée Benefit Tournament Results

Congratulations to EBFG fencer Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu for taking gold at the first annual Dominic Chiao Épée Benefit Tournament event last weekend at TFC. EBFG fencer Justin Hunter also finished 7th, earning his C rating from an U! Thanks to all EBFG fencers who participated for their hard work.

Bay Cup Y12XE1, Y14WE1, Y14ME1, JWE1, CLXE1 Results

Thanks to all East Bay fencers who participated in last weekend’s Bay Cup event in San Francisco! EBFG’s Julien Sat-Vollhardt took gold in the Youth 14 Men’s Épée event! Congratulations on your victory Julien! In the C and Lower Mixed Épée event, Andrew Davis finished 7th out of 46. Also thanks to all of ourContinue Reading

Bay Cup CHXE2, JME, & ROC Amarillo Results

East Bay Fencers Gym welcomes two new A’s to the team! Andrew Brewer won Saturday’s ROC event in Amarillo, Texas earning his A’11 rating. Elani Ferri took gold at the Bay Cup senior C and higher mixed Épée event at En Guard Fencing club in Santa Rosa, also earning his A’11 upgrading directly from hisContinue Reading

Bay Cup CHXE1 Results

Congratulations to EBFG fencers for their incredible results at the Senior C and Higher Mixed Épée season opener at TFC. It was an all EBFG podium with Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu taking first place after beating Andrew Brewer in a close final bout.  Kyle Yamasaki and Phil Gerring tied for third place. Click here to view theContinue Reading

BayCup CHXE6 + CLXE6 Results

Congratulations to all EBFG fencers for their dedication, hard work and excellent results at last weekend’s final Bay Cup senior epee events! It was an all East Bay podium for the senior C and higher mixed epee. Keith Lichten took first after winning 15-14 in another dramatic bout versus teammate Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu. Kyle Yamasaki and Thibault Philippine tied for third.Continue Reading

BayCup CHXE5 + CLXE5

Congratulations to all the EBFG fencer’s for their continuing efforts and amazing results in this season’s Bay Cup Events! EBFG dominated the senior C and higher mixed Épée event at last weekend’s tournament at The Fencing Center in San Jose. Keith Lichten placed first after an intense bout with fellow EBFG fencer Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu. Matthias Philippine placed third, earning hisContinue Reading