Bay Cup ’12-’13 Season Results Update

The 2012-2013 Bay Cup Season is here and EBFG fencers are already scoring top finishes! Congrats and thanks for all the hard work! Here’s an update of results from this season:

Bay Cup @ GPS: WE1
Camille Esnault – 2nd Place

Bay Cup @ HALB: CLXE1
Keith Lichten – 1st
Thibault Philippine – 2nd
Kyle Yamasaki – 3rd
Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu – 5th
Paul Chandler – 7th
Todd Russell – 8th

Bay Cup @ HALB: CLXE1
Steven Fialkowski – 3rd
Patrick Wang – 5th
Andrew Davis – 8th

Bay Cup @ TFC:  JME1
Thibault Philippine – 1st
Matthias Philippine – 2nd
Kevin Esnault – 3rd

Bay Cup @ TFC:  CHXE2
Mehmet Tepedelenlioglu – 1st
Todd Russell – 3rd
Kyle Yamasaki – 3rd
Keith Lichten – 5th
Paul Chandler – 6th
Matthias Philippine – 7th

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