BayCup CHXE5 + CLXE5

Congratulations to all the EBFG fencer’s for their continuing efforts and amazing results in this season’s Bay Cup Events! Bay Cup CHXE PodiumBay Cup CLXE5 Podium

EBFG dominated the senior C and higher mixed Épée event at last weekend’s tournament at The Fencing Center in San Jose. Keith Lichten placed first after an intense bout with fellow EBFG fencer Mehmet TepedelenliogluMatthias Philippine placed third, earning his B rating and Elani Ferri placed sixth.

Matthias Philippine also took gold in the C and lower mixed Épée event.

Check out the Bay Cup page on for upcoming tournaments, results and standings.

More Photos from Bay Cup CHXE5

More Photos from Bay Cup CLXE5

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