Pacific Coast Championships Results

Congratulations to the EBFG men’s Epee team for bringing the coveted Pacific Coast Championships (PCC) trophy back to the east bay! Fencers Keith Lichten, Mehmet

Tepedelenlioglu and Nathaniel Burke beat GGFC in the final bout, winning 45-35, once again making EBFG the Pacific Coast Champions!

EBFG’s B epee team placed 5th overall (Kyle Yamasaki, Phil Gerring, Andrew Davis), and EBFG’s youth epee team placed 7th  (Andrew Brewer, Elani Ferri, Matthias Philippine, Thibault Philippine)

In the Veterans Epee event Phil Gerring placed 3rd , and John McGrew placed 8th.

EBFG fencer Elani Ferri also placed 8th in the senior men’s individual epee event.

Thanks to all EBFG fencers who competed in the PCC team and individual events for their hard work and great results!

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